About us

UAB Balmepa ir ko is engaged in wholesale and retail building and finishing materials and tools for sale in Lithuania. We are the official “Expert Line” in Lithuania (assembly foam, silicones, acrylics, car care products). It is also formally represent these brands, “Parallel” (façade insulation system), Kiilto (Finnish building materials), Vilma (electrical installation materials) Dvarčionių ceramics (tiles), Silkplaster (liquid wallpaper) “Scala” (Swedish paints and varnishes), HolzProf (wood fire protection), “Bryza” (storm sewer system), “Wicanders” (cork floor and wall coverings), fun (garage door), GreenDrop “irrigation systems, Makita, Irwin (tools) and many others. Directly representing the manufacturers we can offer competitive prices. Constantly we are open to innovation, stažuojamės year abroad, participate in international exhibitions, training, devote great attention to clean, safe materials.

However, low prices and international experience is not the main reason for our success. During more than a decade of activity had to deal with a lot of problematic situations, custom solutions, as well as socialized with many manufacturers, but we were loyal to the best. Sincere advice to the construction, maintenance or management of housing environment – our thanks to you, dear customers, the fact that you’ve allowed us to grow. We are very pleased that our advice will allow you to save, because we are breaking the myth that the best of what the most expensive – is the essence of successful construction of suitable solutions chain. We are fully prepared to share tips so that your dreams come true. UAB Balmepa ir ko – your dream home. See you soon!


UAB Balmepa ir ko team


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